Launching of dedicated investment vehicle Kobus Renewable Energy I


Kobus Partners has successfully launched its first dedicated investment vehicle: Kobus Renewable Energy I. The vehicle will pursue investment opportunities in the renewable energy industry in Spain (both, wind and PV solar assets). This dedicated private vehicle intends to generate stable and predictable returns in the long-term.

The pursued assets operate under the regulated scheme defined in RD 413/2014 by which these generation companies are remunerated with a specified level of incomes which guarantees the owner the recovery of the investment done when they were built plus a certain margin of profitability linked to the Spanish 10-year bond.

In words of Pablo Guinot, partner in Kobus, “the lack of stability in the regulatory framework of the renewable energy generation assets in Spain prevented most of the players in the industry from being active in the last years; however, since the current regulation has demonstrated its effectiveness in solving the tariff deficit, the market has reactivated and shows clear signs of recovery”. “We expect current regulation to last and provide the visibility required by the investors to come back to the marketplace and create a liquid and healthy industry again”.