Generating value beyond profitability

At Kobus, we aim to reinvent investment management by showing how doing things right can make an impact.

We guide investors through a dynamic and transparent process to achieve our goals.

With dedication and delivery

With a specialised team who strive for the best and are committed to each transaction.

Enhanced relationships

Building a bond of trust with our investors. Being transparent and clear with out investors by making them aware of each step. Showing them we are on the same team and that they are more than clients, they are partners.

Being agile and proactive

Demonstrating that our size is an advantage as it helps us become quicker, more flexible, anticipate opportunities, react faster, and get ahead of our competitors.

Our values define us and differentiate us as a company

Your interests are our interests

We greatly value our investors’ trust, so we are prudent and independent in every decision we make. We are not part of a large group, so if we make a decision, it is because it is the best one. With no double-dealing or conflicts of interest. We team up with our clients, protecting each asset from start to finish. Because when you are our partner, we share your goal. We guide your investment responsibly and ambitiously.

We know the terrain well

Our experience and knowledge mean we always know how to find the best way. We do not do things well to grab people’s attention, but because we believe in having a good work ethic and the satisfaction that a job well done can bring. We trust our track record, our team of professionals, and the work culture we have created over the years.

Involved from beginning to end

We are involved in each investment, taking a share in our own equity. Contrary to the sector’s opaqueness, we are informative and transparent. Because we have nothing to hide. Because we are confident in our capabilities and are proud of how we work. With perseverance and always doing our best to get opportunities, under our competitors’ radar.

On the alert for opportunities

It is not just a matter of instinct; it is also about knowing where you are stepping at all times and being able to anticipate the slightest tremor. Having an intuitive eye for spotting trends, movements in the sector, and projects that go unnoticed by others.