The firm of expert investment managers in renewable energy and alternative investment

A group of professionals with a fresher and more intimate and committed investment vision

We see investments as a planned journey with our investors, who we guide each step of the way. A carefully organised expedition with stops along the way to reflect and decide on the next step, as well as looking back at the path already travelled.

We are guides who know the terrain well, and trust in the knowledge we have gained through experience – not shortcuts. We are always one step ahead, which enables us to discover opportunities that others overlook.

Using this method, fund by fund, we have built a solid, solvent structure that, with just a few highly profitable products, has earned our investors’ trust.

“Investing should not be a leap in the dark, where you close your eyes and hope that everything will be all right when you open them again”

A different way of doing things

Todo ello con un propósito claro, mostrar que otra foAll this has one clear purpose; to show another way of managing investments. One closer to the investor, who we guide from start to finish, protecting and growing their capital while we positively impact the world together. Because our investments do not go fast, they go far.

Proud of the path taken with our investors

Somos rigurosos en el análisis de las operaciones en las que invertimos. Nuestra experiencia y nuestro perfil dWe rigorously analyse the operations we invest in. Our experience and moderate risk profile have led us to not only meet but exceed the profitability expectations of our investment vehicles. We have produced great results but, most importantly, we have built a strong relationship of trust with our investors.

  • 2016

    Launch of Kobus Renewable Energy I (KRE I).
  • 2017

    KRE I: purchase of 8 operating photovoltaic assets in Spain (EV = €70M).

    Launch of Kobus Renewable Energy II (KRE II).
  • 2018

    KRE II: start of the investment phase and acquisition of first photovoltaic projects.
  • 2019

    Divestment of KRE I.

    KRE II: Acquisitions of photovoltaic projects and issuing a project bond on the Alternative Fixed-Income Market (MARF).
  • 2020

    End of the KRE II investment phase.

    Launch of Kobus Renewable Energy III and IV (KRE III and KRE IV).
  • 2021

    KRE II: Refinancing of the portfolio of projects and issuing a project bond on the Open Market (Frankfurt).

    KRE III and KRE IV: Start of the fund investment phase.

    First close and investments of Mapfre Energias Renovables I (MER I).

    Market launch of Kobus Asset Finance I (KAF) .