Great things in business are never done by one person.
They’re done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs

Our team

Kobus Partners makes a difference thanks to its highly qualified team that counts with massive expertise in the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors. Kobus’ professionals have been part of some of the most successful companies in the industry and are technically and internationally experienced.

  • Felipe Mesía
    Felipe Mesía Partner

    Felipe has worked in investment banking and private equity for more than 20 years, focusing on the renewable energy industry, where he has successfully executed transactions for more than €1.0 Bn.

    Prior to joining Kobus Partners, Felipe worked in Banco Santander, where he led structure debt transactions and asset finance projects in Spain, with special focus on renewable energy and infrastructure assets, being involved in the whole investment process, from origination to execution. Before that, Felipe worked in the investment banking division of JB Capital Markets, where he gained deep experience in the energy industry, and held responsibility positions in Banesto and Self Bank.

    Felipe received his BA in Business Administration from Universidad Europea de Madrid and holds a BA in Finance from Guildhall University in London.

  • Pablo Guinot Barona
    Pablo Guinot Barona Partner

    With more than 11 years of experience in corporate transactions and focused in the energy and infrastructure sector in the last 7 years, Pablo has led the execution of several international corporate deals from the side of the buyer and the seller, including transactions in excess of €1,1 billion and raising more than €700 million of non-recourse debt.

    Before joining Kobus Partners, Pablo was an Associate Director in Blackstone’s arm for energy infrastructure investments worldwide (Fisterra Energy). He also held positions in KPMG and PwC in the Strategy and Business Consulting practice.

    Received an Engineering in Telecommunications from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and a Degree in Economics and Business Management from the Universidad de Valencia. Management Development Program from IESE Business School and Master in Corporate Finance from IEB Business School.

  • Carlos Garcia-Monzon
    Carlos Garcia-Monzon Partner

    Carlos has over 17 years working experience in private equity and investment banking having closed transactions for c. €2.3 bn.

    Before joining Kobus Partners, Carlos has been head of the equity arm for energy investments in Banco Santander for Spain (now Cubico Sustainable Investments), having invested more than €300 MM in PV, CSP, and Wind assets. Carlos has been involved in all the phases of the investment cycle from origination/execution/financing, to equity distribution to third party investors. He also held positions in JB Capital Markets, GBS Finanzas and Nazca Private Equity.

    Carlos received his BA in Business Administration from CEU University in Madrid, and holds a BA in Finance from South Bank University in London.