Excellence is doing ordinary things
extraordinarily well.

John W. Gardner

About Us

Kobus Partners is a private equity funds manager and advisory company, specialized on renewable energy and infrastructure investments. 

Kobus Partners has a solid track record and wide experience in the renewable generation and infrastructure sectors and through its multidisciplinary team of professionals is capable of identifying, evaluating and executing investment and divestment opportunities in order to acquire projects with solid fundamentals, growth potential and superior returns.

The firm also provides independent financial advisory services for companies and financial investors in corporate transactions.

Kobus Partners’ activity is guided by its core principles:

  • Expertise
  • Independence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

Kobus Partners has investments under management in the infrastructure sector for over €75 million and has provided advisory services including transactions in excess of €300 million value.

Mission and Strategy

Kobus Partners aims to become a reference partner in the renewable energies and infrastructure sector. We use our experience to maximize value and returns to our investors and clients throughout the entire lifetime of the projects.

We believe every investor, client and project is unique, each one with a different set of goals and constraints. Our approach is based on a comprehensive understanding of the markets, supported by our extensive knowledge in the energy and infrastructure sectors. We focus on designing all kinds of ad-hoc solutions to suit our investors and clients’ specific needs.